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Composer. Arranger. Singer. Microbiologist.

Ok, not the last one, but 3 out 4 ain't bad, right?


A graduate of Rowan University, Andrew holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Composition as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Voice. 

Andrew has written for a number of ensembles and has had music performed across numerous US states. His music has been played at weddings, churches, concerts and recitals and has been used in films, podcasts, musical theatre productions and art galleries. He has been dubbed the de facto composer in residence for the Gloucester County Community Chorus.


His music is a perfect mix of classic elements and contemporary concepts. He has been featured on The Composer Chronicles podcast (of which he wrote the tag music) where he described his music as generally more traditional, but with occasional frolics into experimental land.


Andrew excels at writing melodies and considers them one of his strong suits. One of his core values is that every instrument is involved as much as possible, so he crafts his music - chamber pieces especially - around this idea. 

He is also an avid writer and poet and has written some of his own texts that have been set to music, most notably Darkness Surrounds Me and Who Wished for Snow on Christmas? Andrew also enjoys writing about himself in third person.

He is a fantastic composer, amazing arranger, world-class singer and humble to boot.

All of his shenanigans can be tracked here, or on any of his social media platforms. He is always working on new projects and releasing new music, so be sure to subscribe to keep up to date.




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